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Installation & Service for Sports Bar's & Restaurants

Raleigh's Top Satellite TV Installation Company

Satellite TV can be a great way to entertain your customers. Bars and restaurants use satellite’s wide array of sports programming to keep customers eating and drinking during the big games. Office facilities use satellite’s entertainment and news programming to keep their guests informed and amused.

Let Just Push Play provide all of your commercial satellite installation services. We provide end-to-end services from rewiring your facility to mounting your dish for optimal performance.

Our expert satellite installers will do all wiring and installation both inside and outside your business to get your DirecTV or Dish Network satellite installed. That includes:

  • Mounting the satellite dish on your business roof to ensure you receive the optimal satellite signal
  • Integrating all necessary equipment with the televisions in your business
  • Providing detailed instructions on how to operate your system
Commercial Satellite

Image 1. Commercial Satellite

Commercial Satellite

Image 2. Commercial Satellite

Normal Service Area

We ensure you will have high-quality satellite programming pumping through your business by the time we are finished installation.

All of our installations cover a 30 mile radius from our home offices.

  • An additional trip charge may apply for home theater installations outside these regions.