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Custom flat screen installation, LCD installation, plasma installation and flat screen TV sales. We provide everything you need for your flat screen installation including professional brand name product lines including Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, etc…HDMI cables, hidden wire installation, and even speaker and component setup (cable sat, cd dvd bluray, receivers). Contact us today for a FREE Flat Screen Installation Quote!

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Flat Screen Installation Services Definition:

Mounting Your Flat Screen TV, any size or model.

Normal Service Area:

All of our installations cover a 30 mile radius from our home offices.
*An additional trip charge may apply for home theater installation outside these regions.

We can mount your Flat Screen TV to most any flat, vertical surface in good repair including sheetrock, brick, block, or decorative stone, i.e., walls, above mantels, at outdoor decks or patio’s. Our certified flat screen installers will complete a professional flat screen installation, in a safe manner, using approved industry methods and materials.

Our Basic Flat Screen Installation, Scope-of-Work Summary

  • Mount flat screen bracket to your mounting surface.
  • Run all cables from the equipment to the TV & speakers, keeping all cables hidden if reasonably possible.
  • Install (Hang) Flat Screen TV.
  • Connect cables to Flat Screen TV.
  • Connect your nearby Audio Visual Components to Flat Screen TV. (up to 3 items)
  • Clean up our debris, and provide instruction about your new flat screen installation.
Custom Flat Screen Installation

Image 1. Custom Flat Screen Installation

Custom Flat Screen Installation

Image 2. Custom Flat Screen Installation

Detailed Information

Mounting Brackets: Our certified flat screen installers have the experience to choose appropriate flat screen mounting bracket for the installation, i.e., flat wall mount / tilt wall mount / articulating arm mount or ceiling mount.


Our certified flat screen installers make certain all mountings are securely fastened using appropriate fasteners, i.e. wood or steel studs, lag screws, toggle bolts, lead shields w/ lags for masonry installations, and installed according to industry standards.


Our certified flat screen installers will run cables from your A/V equipment and connect cables to your television unit.


Our certified installers are trained to locate available ways to hide cables inside the wall or fireplace chase for best overall appearance, and to save on labor cost. Please note that in some circumstances the existing construction conditions may not allow for access adequate enough to hide wires or mount equipment in the location designated by the customer.

Post Installation Clean Up & Training:

We clean up after ourselves including removal of any debris generated by our services. We provide our customers with complete instructions on the use and care of all equipment that we provide.

* Additional Labor Fees may apply when running cables through brick, block, or decorative stone, or outdoors w/ PVC method or when mounting to uneven decorative stone. Additional labor charges may apply for long cable runs. Your installer will advise you of any required additional fees prior to doing the extra work.

*Additional Equipment Costs for common items you may need –

  • AC Outlet installed behind Flat Screen TV
  • Cables – RF / Composite / S-Video / VGA / RGB / Component / HDMI / Speaker Cable for Surround Sound. *Cables come in all different lengths, quality, and custom made.
  • Flat wall mount / Tilt wall mount / Articulating arm mount / Ceiling mount *Mounts come in all different sizes, quality, and custom made.
  • Additional wall fishes for relocating a cable / satellite jack.
  • Additional wall fishes for Surround Sound wiring / or installation of speakers.
General Disclaimer:

Our installation assumes that all necessary services provided by owner or third parties (electrical service, cable TV service, etc.) are available, and in good working order, upon our arrival.

Our basic installation does not include electrical service wiring or receptacles.

Our installation does not include the removal, relocation, or re installation of existing obstacles including conduits, pipes, power, phone or cable lines, fire blocks, or similar items or conditions.

Our company is not responsible for patching, repairing, or painting any surfaces where our installers have made holes to run wire, cables, or mount equipment and encountered hidden conditions or obstructions that prevent the successful installation of said items.

While we have trained and educated our installers in methods to avoid installation mistakes, and in how to anticipate potential problems, we cannot train our installers in a manner to allow them to avoid unknown conditions, or anticipate on-site problems in every situation.