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Outdoor Commercial Audio Visual Systems Design

Reproducing audio outdoors introduces a unique set of challenges. Sound projection changes in open spaces. For commercial audio visual systems that look and sound their best, you need to..
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Bringing Life to Outdoor Areas with Outdoor Pool Speakers

You’re often reminded that your home is your biggest asset. What you should also keep in mind, is that it’s also one that can be constantly improved. The investments you make in your home today can make it more enjoyable and more comfortable.
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Outdoor Pool Speakers for The Best in Outdoor Entertainment

A pool is a great addition to any home, especially when the full heat of summer comes around. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time relaxing and entertaining outdoors, it makes sense to invest in outdoor pool speakers.
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A Home Theater System in Raleigh Provides the Best Gaming Experience

Video games have come a long way in the last few decades. From the simple yet charming 8-bit graphics of the 1980s gaming boom to the massive multimedia productions of today, gaming has become as much a lifestyle as it is a hobby.
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Audio-Visual Services for Schools and Classrooms

It’s easier to engage staff and students when you have the best custom audio visual in North Carolina for your school. Just Push Play offers the most reliable audio-visual services for educators.
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The Best Home Theater Installation in Durham

If you’re thinking about investing in a home theater installation in Durham, you deserve a company that can exceed your expectations. Just Push Play is the leading home movie theater installation company in NC.
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Commercial Audio Visual Systems for Corporate Offices

From distributed audio to digital signage and security cameras, Just Push Play is the leading installer of commercial audio visual systems in Raleigh NC. Learn how we approach corporate office projects and start with your phone consultation and estimate today.
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Digital Signage Trends – Commercial Audio Visual Installation

Business is booming in the research triangle. If you want to connect with your audience, you can learn about commercial audio visual installation for digital signage. Just Push Play is the leading commercial audio visual installation company offering a range of solutions ready to be deployed at your premises.
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Increase the Value of Your Home with a Home Theater in Raleigh NC

Would a dedicated home theater in Raleigh NC increase the value of your home? Talk to real estate experts, and they would tell you the answer is yes. A home theater in Raleigh NC creates value by providing a focal point for entertainment and relaxation. It’s also one less investment for a buyer to worry about.
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Whole House Audio Systems in Raleigh – Why You Should Consider One

If you’re big on audio, you’ll love whole house audio systems in Raleigh. Designed to deliver clear and powerful audio to any corner of your home, whole house audio systems in Raleigh let the music, movies, podcasts, and any of your audio sources follow you.
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Just Push Play Offers the Most Comprehensive AV Service in Raleigh NC

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing the right AV service in Raleigh NC is finding a company that takes the time to learn about your goals and how you expect to be able to use your AV system.
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5 Ways AV Installers in Raleigh and Durham Make the Installation Process Stress-Free

Choosing professional AV installers in Raleigh and Durham NC can make your installation simple and stress-free. The advantage of choosing professional AV installers is found in the quality, versatility, and customizability of the solution that you get.
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Here’s How to Get the Best Home or Commercial AV in Durham NC

Getting the best service for residential and commercial AV in Durham NC can seem like a challenge. But with the right approach and the best service provider, you’ll find that the process is relatively simple and stress-free.
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Myths Around Commercial Sound Systems in Durham NC

With the best commercial sound systems in Durham NC, you can engage, advertise, and communicate like never before. Commercial sound systems in Durham NC are customized for every business. It doesn’t matter how you intend to use your system or which niche you operate in, our team will develop a turnkey solution that continues to deliver a return on investment over time.
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The Most Efficient Commercial Audio Systems in Durham

If you’re looking for the best commercial audio systems in Durham, you’ll find the best solutions and services at Just Push Play. With decades of experience in the industry, we design commercial audio systems in Durham that are fully customized for your unique needs.
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What Does Audio Visual Integration in Durham Mean for Your AV Installation?

Audio visual integration in Durham is a detailed approach to AV installation where all of the unique elements of the system work harmoniously together. With carefully planned audio visual integration in Durham, your unique components will..
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Home and Commercial Experience Combined with the Best AV Installers in Durham

Choosing the right AV installers in Durham is important. Not only will you get the best support and quality of work, but also the fairest pricing whether you need commercial audio in Durham NC or a whole house audio systems installer in Durham.
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6 Ways Home Theater Installation Companies in Chapel Hill Can Help You

A home theater in Chapel Hill can give you the perfect spot to relax and entertain, where you can enjoy a cinema experience right in your own home.
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The Best Reasons to Install a Chapel Hill Home Theater

For all of the effort that you’ve put into the décor and outdoor features of your home, its comfort, and personality, you’re missing that standout feature for entertainment and downtime. A Chapel Hill home theater is more than just something that will..
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Effective Ways to Use AV Systems in Chapel Hill

For businesses, AV systems in Chapel Hill can create new ways to engage, inform, and educate. In corporate scenarios, AV systems in Chapel Hill are used to effectively communicate with staff and make even the largest presentations feel personal and impactful.
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Leaders in Commercial and Whole House Audio Systems in Chapel Hill NC

Just Push Play is the leader in commercial AV in Chapel Hill. We also provide the best AV service to homeowners and are the most respected whole house audio systems installer in Chapel Hill.
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AV Installer Chapel Hill

There are plenty of DIY solutions available for home audio and video. Consumer products from big box stores work well in some situations, but they lack the full integration that you can get with an AV installer in Chapel Hill.
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Home Theater Installer in Chapel Hill

A home theater installer in Chapel Hill can deliver an entertainment focal point for your home where you can enjoy your favorite films, streaming services, television, and more.
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Commercial Audio Chapel Hill

The best commercial sound systems in Chapel Hill NC can give you more options to communicate with your market and promote your business.
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Digital Signage Chapel Hill

The Best Solutions for Digital Signage in Chapel Hill

Are you looking for a fresh and interesting way to market your brand? Digital signage in Chapel Hill could be the answer.
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Commercial AV Chapel Hill

Finding the Best Commercial Audio Visual Installers in Chapel Hill NC

Choosing the right commercial audio visual installers in Chapel Hill NC is more than just finding a price. For your commercial project, you need a team that is committed to excellence.
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Our Approach to AV Systems in Raleigh NC

Finding the right home or commercial AV installer in Raleigh NC can be a challenge. It’s not just about getting a quote and moving forward.
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The Advantages of 70v Commercial Sound Systems in Raleigh

Commercial sound systems in Raleigh are used in a diverse range of environments, from showrooms and retail spaces to conference halls and offices.
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Three Popular Ways to Use Commercial Audio Visual Systems in Raleigh NC

Commercial audio visual systems in Raleigh NC are versatile and can be configured to suit your business needs.
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Five Details to Know When Installing Home Theater Audio-Visual Systems in Raleigh

Home audio-visual systems in Raleigh can give you the type of experience that you’d only expect in a cinema or concert hall.
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Get a Free Quote From a Whole House Audio Systems Installer in Raleigh NC

Homeowners in the beautiful city of Raleigh can add value to their investments with audio visual integration in Raleigh NC. If you want more ways to unwind, relax, and entertain, Just Push Play has the solutions for you.
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Advanced Solutions From the Leading Commercial AV Installer in Raleigh

Businesses in Raleigh operate in one of the most progressive marketplaces with vast commercial opportunities surrounding every major industry. From customer-facing spaces like showrooms and restaurants to specialized commercial spaces like..
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Audio Visual Integrators in Durham NC

Durham makes up the core of the Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area, with a population of more than 640,000. An economic hub with major industries like Finance, Education, Pharmaceuticals, and Hospitality, it’s a wonderful place to..
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Commercial AV Raleigh

With a population of more than 2.2 million in the combined statistical area surrounding Raleigh, the city is one of the most important business hubs on the Eastern Seaboard.
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Commercial AV Durham

The Bull City of Durham is a center of economic activity and culture, and one of the best places in North Carolina to run a business. As the fourth most populous city in NC, the commercial opportunities are diverse and ever-expanding.
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Home Networks

At Just Push Play, we can connect everything in your home securely, reliably, and with the best possible speeds. Modern homes contain more technology than ever before, and with surveillance, home theater, and other connected devices, having them all working in tandem can be a challenge.
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Business Audio Systems

Music can have a powerful influence on productivity and customer satisfaction. From office buildings to retail locations and bars to restaurants, background audio systems for business can provide lasting benefits. As the leading AV installers in Raleigh NC, Just Push Play is ready to design and integrate business audio systems that are fine-tuned for your needs and budget.
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Wireless Home Surveillance

A surveillance system is one of the most valuable investments that you can make in your home. The right system can protect, add a deterrent to burglars, and create peace of mind. If you’re wondering how to set up a wireless home surveillance system, we are ready to help.
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What’s a Media Room

A home theater is a great way to entertain family and friends, but it’s not the only option. A media room is slightly different. While there is some crossover between the two, most homeowners will find that a media room with IT automation in Raleigh NC is more versatile.
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The Future Of The Cinema

2020 was a challenging year and even with recovery ahead, daily life has changed forever. Home theater installation in NC can help you to adapt to the new normal. Economic restrictions and corporate policies designed for the Global Pandemic have left many of the things we take for granted completely unavailable. A simple trip to the local..
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Pool Sound Systems

As a homeowner, your pool is one of your most important assets. It adds value to your home and creates a unique space for leisure and entertainment. Special occasions can be celebrated in and around your pool, making it a real gathering hub for friends and family. If you want to get even more out of the investment you’ve made in your pool and your home...[]
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Matthew is a true professional with an eye for detail. His lead tech is very knowledgeable and able to offer the best ideas for getting things done correctly.

Marc Talarico

We had a very large project which included 9 TVs installed in various ways, home theater projector, automated blinds, nest thermostats with home automation and audio throughout the house. This job was complicated and challenging to get everything like we wanted and Matthew and his team delivered! And anytime I have a question, Just Push Play’s team is always available to help. They certainly did not disappear after the sale. Thank you Matthew!

Garner Appliance & Mattress

You tell these guys your vision, and they make it happen. Absolutely ready, willing and able to turnkey a solution you have in mind. AND (and this is very important) committed to customer satisfaction – will come out after the fact if/as necessary to get it absolutely right.

Tim Trost

I have worked with Matthew on two different commercial jobs over the past two years. He is a master of his trade and the cost is very reasonable for the very high quality of work you receive. He is professional, courteous and extremely thorough. I will be using Just Push Play again the summer for another commercial job.

Review from Houzz

When utilizing a sub-contractor I can only use a company who meets all of our stringent service and installation criteria. We have experienced exceptional service and the utmost professionalism with Just Push Play Media Group since 2004. You would be hard pressed to find another installation company other than our own team of technicians, to not just complete a better installation, but to also provide seamless customer representation while representing our company.

Bob LaPlume

I wanted to express how impressed I am with the outstanding quality of the work that was done for me by your team. Matt and Jeremy took what I thought was a very difficult task and made it look easy. I am extremely happy with the very professional attitude displayed by your team of installers. I highly recommend your services to others! Thank you!

Steve Jones
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