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Are you ready to retire your business’s old cardboard display signs and replace them with sleek new flat panel monitors to create a commercial video wall? Whether you need to display presentations in a conference room, advertise specials on your sales floor, or make announcements outside of your storefront, Just Push Play can help. We are experts in the design, layout, and installation of digital signage solutions in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Garner, and the surrounding Triangle Area.

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Digital signage in Raleigh is a centrally controlled, electronic content distribution system, which companies use to playback pre-recorded content. The material can be sent to a single display or multiple screens at once. The content usually falls into one of three categories:

  • Video / Entertainment
  • Directional / Informational
  • Audio / Visual

Digital signage in Raleigh often overlaps in the day-to-day operations of companies. Installing digital signage in Raleigh takes hardware, software, and expertise to create a system that delivers exceptional performance.

Digital signage installations can be combined with our complete commercial AV installation service in Raleigh.

Digital signage in Raleigh delivers images, video, streaming media, and information sent by a management server to the distribution points. In the past, servers were mostly premises-based. Today, new technologies surrounding digital signage in Raleigh can utilize cloud-based servers so that signs can be configured anywhere by an authorized user. Content management becomes easier with our solutions for digital signage in Raleigh.

We can install local server or internet-based systems, based on your business needs.

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Just Push Play is your local digital signage company in Raleigh. Trained and experienced technicians are ready to deliver fully customized solutions.

Digital signage solutions in Raleigh can be used in a range of scenarios. From television programming to menu choices, public announcements, and general promotion and advertising, digital signage solutions in Raleigh ensure that you can create immersive messaging or entertainment at your business premises or public locations.

Digital signage solutions in Raleigh can be used effectively for:

Communicating in-store special offers, directing customers to areas of the store, managing traffic, and delivering brand messages. Combine signage with our AV installation service in Raleigh for distributed audio and more.

Delivering information about bank interest rates, financial products available, lifestyle messages, and branding.

Presenting arrival and departure times in airports, bus and train stations, and advertisements from on-site stores and restaurants.

Sending out information on events, announcements, and inspirational quotes to attendees on school and college campuses, in churches, and religious organizations. We’re the best digital signage company in Raleigh because we also offer complete audio / visual solutions to suit your unique needs.

Providing information on the huge range of choices that are often available in hotels and restaurants, from accommodation options to menu items and specials of the day. You no longer need to get out a blackboard and chalk to promote today’s fish dish, or manually change the lettering of a sign. It can all be done now at the press of a button through digital signage solutions in Raleigh.

Service businesses can also benefit from the use of digital signage solutions in Raleigh to display general interest content such as news, weather, and entertainment options while customers wait for service. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising allows you to create attractive, targeted content for passersby.

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Whether your organization needs a single digital signage display in Raleigh, an installation of several displays, or even a full video wall, you’ll enjoy more effective communication with your staff and your audience. Just Push Play is the leading digital signage company in Raleigh, offering versatile solutions that help you to meet your business goals.

Make use of a digital signage display in Raleigh to:

  • Communicate with employees and customers.
  • Welcome visitors with an attractive digital signage display in Raleigh.
  • Market to audiences passing through the business.
  • Provide direction or assistance with an informative or directional digital signage display in Raleigh.
  • Offer product selections or menus.
  • Promote upcoming events.

A digital signage display in Raleigh can be used just like a traditional printed sign, but with the benefit of near-instant customization that reduces the time and cost needed to display information or a marketing message.

In the long-term, you’ll find that even a single digital signage display in Raleigh can significantly reduce your on-site cost for printing or fabricating traditional signage.

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We are more than a digital signage company in Raleigh. We offer comprehensive audio / visual solutions, and you can have digital signage installed within a larger AV installation service in Raleigh.

Trust our team to develop any project you have in mind, with extensive consulting and project management to ensure that your goals are met.

Our AV installation service in Raleigh can include your digital signage, distributed audio, conference room equipment, AV security equipment, AV automation, and much more.

Our comprehensive AV installation service in Raleigh will help you to save money without compromises. We’ve offered the premier AV installation service in Raleigh for more than two decades and are looking forward to working with you on your next project.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Matthew is a true professional with an eye for detail. His lead tech is very knowledgeable and able to offer the best ideas for getting things done correctly.

Marc Talarico

We had a very large project which included 9 TVs installed in various ways, home theater projector, automated blinds, nest thermostats with home automation and audio throughout the house. This job was complicated and challenging to get everything like we wanted and Matthew and his team delivered! And anytime I have a question, Just Push Play’s team is always available to help. They certainly did not disappear after the sale. Thank you Matthew!

Garner Appliance & Mattress

You tell these guys your vision, and they make it happen. Absolutely ready, willing and able to turnkey a solution you have in mind. AND (and this is very important) committed to customer satisfaction – will come out after the fact if/as necessary to get it absolutely right.

Tim Trost

I have worked with Matthew on two different commercial jobs over the past two years. He is a master of his trade and the cost is very reasonable for the very high quality of work you receive. He is professional, courteous and extremely thorough. I will be using Just Push Play again the summer for another commercial job.

Review from Houzz

When utilizing a sub-contractor I can only use a company who meets all of our stringent service and installation criteria. We have experienced exceptional service and the utmost professionalism with Just Push Play Media Group since 2004. You would be hard pressed to find another installation company other than our own team of technicians, to not just complete a better installation, but to also provide seamless customer representation while representing our company.

Bob LaPlume

I wanted to express how impressed I am with the outstanding quality of the work that was done for me by your team. Matt and Jeremy took what I thought was a very difficult task and made it look easy. I am extremely happy with the very professional attitude displayed by your team of installers. I highly recommend your services to others! Thank you!

Steve Jones


Digital signage solutions in Raleigh command attention and offer versatility and cost-savings that traditional signage can’t come close to. With the leading digital signage company in Raleigh, you’ll enjoy a thorough consulting service, hands-on project management, and impressive work delivered to your specification and within your budget.

Just Push Play is a digital signage company in Raleigh, offering service throughout the greater Raleigh area, including Garner, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Clayton. Contact us today and enjoy expert service for any of your digital signage needs.

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