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Distributed Audio Raleigh NC

The Leader in 70-Volt Distributed Audio Systems

Just Push Play offers the most reliable distributed audio in Raleigh NC, combining decades of in-depth knowledge, experience, and superior service to deliver the best speaker system for business in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and the nearby areas. Our experienced Audio Raleigh NC technicians can analyze your needs to create AV solutions that are installed on-time and within your budget. Enhance customer experiences with the help of one of the best audio installation companies in Raleigh NC.

We’re ready to get started on your project. Contact us here or call us now on (888) 510-7529 and enjoy the premium service only offered by the best audio installation companies in Raleigh NC.

Outstanding 70-Volt Distributed Audio Durham NC

We design and install reliable 70-volt distributed audio systems for our clients in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and other nearby areas in North Carolina.

If you’re looking for a large-scale speaker system for business, 70-volt distributed audio in Durham NC is the ideal solution. Also referred to as a high-impedance or constant voltage speaker system, 70-volt distributed audio is designed to accommodate large sites with several speakers over long distances. If you need distributed audio across a large site with dozens of active speakers, a 70-volt system will deliver clear audio hundreds of feet from the source.

How a 70-Volt Speaker System for Business Works

When you need a large distributed speaker system for business, whether it’s for audio in Raleigh NC or audio in Durham NC, our technicians are uniquely skilled to develop cost-competitive and reliable solutions.

Consumer-grade 8-Ohm audio hardware won’t be able to deliver clear sound, volume, or reliability in larger installations. A 70-volt speaker system for business allows uninterrupted power, even through long runs, to ensure that sound is clear with adequate volume. We achieve this with the use of step-up transformers at the amplifier, combined with step-down transformers at the speakers in rooms or areas of your commercial property where clear audio is needed.

70-volt systems for audio in Raleigh NC and audio in Durham NC are the only way to guarantee clear and uninterrupted sound over the largest systems. Our technicians are trained to design systems that are efficient (reducing component waste and unnecessary costs) and reliable for the long term. A 70-volt speaker system for business can be run continuously for uninterrupted hi-definition sound. Applications are diverse, with indoor, outdoor, and even outdoor speakers under decks available.

We use the industry’s best brands for source components, wiring, speakers, and amplifiers. Our skill and experience with 70-volt speaker system for business ensures that you’ll get a long return on investment in audio Raleigh NC, audio Durham NC, or wherever you are in North Carolina.

The Benefits of 70-Volt Distributed Audio Raleigh NC

The benefits of our PA system service, background music system service and speaker system for business installs are significant. Master volume can be controlled at the amplifier and commercial-grade components also allow control from individual speakers throughout the system. This allows you to control PA volume, background music, announcements, and more to suit every room and large space.

Systems can include indoor and outdoor speakers, including outdoor speakers under decks and balconies. Sound can be individually controlled and adjusted on-the-fly per zone.

The key benefits of a 70-volt distributed audio system include:

  • Numerous speakers connected to a single source amplifier.
  • The ability to customize volume per speaker and zone.
  • Flexibility to add new speakers in the future.
  • Longer speaker runs for large spaces with no loss of signal.
  • Compatibility with small gauge wires with low current and high voltage.
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Trusted Brands

PA System Service, Background Music System Service and Upgrades

If your commercial audio is unreliable or lacking in quality, you can trust Just Push Play for PA system service and background music system service in Raleigh and the nearby areas. We can evaluate your equipment and perform PA system service and background music system service to upgrade necessary components to improve performance. Our PA system service  and background music system service can also be used to repair or replace components and speakers.

We can also perform complete retrofits to install a distributed audio system to replace outdated, damaged, or not fit for purpose equipment.

Call us today and enjoy reliable PA system service and background music system service from one of the most trusted audio installation companies Raleigh.

From Outdoor Speakers Under Decks to Ceiling Speakers in Commercial Spaces – We Serve All Commercial Sectors

Our distributed audio system designs can be fully customized to your needs. Add outdoor speakers under decks, indoor speakers for individual rooms and large spaces, or speakers anywhere else required by your business. We have performed hundreds of successful installations, making us one of the most experienced commercial audio installation companies in Raleigh.

Our clients operate in locations including:

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • Hotels and motels.
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers.
  • Airports and other transportation facilities.
  • Gas stations.
  • Schools.
  • Offices.
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafés.
  • Houses of worship.
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Get the best Distributed Audio Systems in Raleigh NC.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Matthew is a true professional with an eye for detail. His lead tech is very knowledgeable and able to offer the best ideas for getting things done correctly.

Marc Talarico

We had a very large project which included 9 TVs installed in various ways, home theater projector, automated blinds, nest thermostats with home automation and audio throughout the house. This job was complicated and challenging to get everything like we wanted and Matthew and his team delivered! And anytime I have a question, Just Push Play’s team is always available to help. They certainly did not disappear after the sale. Thank you Matthew!

Garner Appliance & Mattress

You tell these guys your vision, and they make it happen. Absolutely ready, willing and able to turnkey a solution you have in mind. AND (and this is very important) committed to customer satisfaction – will come out after the fact if/as necessary to get it absolutely right.

Tim Trost

I have worked with Matthew on two different commercial jobs over the past two years. He is a master of his trade and the cost is very reasonable for the very high quality of work you receive. He is professional, courteous and extremely thorough. I will be using Just Push Play again the summer for another commercial job.

Review from Houzz

When utilizing a sub-contractor I can only use a company who meets all of our stringent service and installation criteria. We have experienced exceptional service and the utmost professionalism with Just Push Play Media Group since 2004. You would be hard pressed to find another installation company other than our own team of technicians, to not just complete a better installation, but to also provide seamless customer representation while representing our company.

Bob LaPlume

I wanted to express how impressed I am with the outstanding quality of the work that was done for me by your team. Matt and Jeremy took what I thought was a very difficult task and made it look easy. I am extremely happy with the very professional attitude displayed by your team of installers. I highly recommend your services to others! Thank you!

Steve Jones

Call the Leader in Audio Installation Companies Raleigh

Whether you need an outdoor distributed audio installation with outdoor speakers under decks, indoor speakers, or a combination of indoor and outdoor, Just Push Play is ready to design the most efficient system for your needs.

We’re based in Garner, just outside of Raleigh NC, and serve the greater Raleigh area including Durham, Chapel Hill, and Clayton.

Contact the leader in Audio installation companies in Raleigh for your distributed audio in Raleigh NC quote today.

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