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Just Push Play is Raleigh’s premier audio visual company, offering a range of solutions for homes and businesses. It’s our passion to integrate the best technologies for superior sound and visuals, no matter the environment. From video wall displays to digital signage, and home theater to pool audio, we work with you to understand your needs and develop systems that meet your specifications within your budget. Our AV installation samples can give you an idea of what we do, and how our expertise will become your asset when you trust us for AV installation in Raleigh and the nearby areas.

Browse our audio video installation pics for commercial and residential work, and get inspired for your upcoming project.

Not everyone begins an AV project with a clear idea of how the final system will look and perform. Often, our clients approach us with a budget range and some essential specifications. It’s up to our designers and engineers to learn about the needs of each client to develop a solution that works.

Our audio video installation pics can give you ideas for your project, no matter what your ultimate goals are. In the home, seeing audio visual installation pics can give you the inspiration to mount televisions in new ways, or convert living spaces into immersive home theaters or media rooms.

In commercial environments, our audio video installation pics can show you what’s possible when you work with a leader in AV design and integration.

Browse our gallery and see how our commitment to quality results in the best AV installations in North Carolina.

Evident throughout our AV installation samples is the way that we integrate solutions to seamlessly blend with every environment. Whether it’s a wall-mounted TV in a living room recessed into the wall, or a professional amplifier for distributed audio from multiple sources, you will see our attention to detail in our audio video installation pics.

Integration goes beyond simply installing the equipment. We look at all physical elements of an installation to see how AV systems can be integrated cleanly and in a way that they simply work, without becoming distractions. For many of our clients, this means installing distributed audio with speakers that are mounted in walls and ceilings. These speakers are low profile and often hard to see at a glance, but they deliver crystal clear audio that can carry your marketing message, in-store music, PA announcements, or any type of audio signal that you need.

Our experienced AV technicians can work with your facilities management team to ensure that the solution suits your day-to-day operations. We can also work with your architect or construction project manager for renovations, remodeling, and new builds. Whether for home or commercial AV, we make it our priority to design AV solutions that are fully functional and intuitive to use.

Everything from the way we run our cables to the locations where we install rack equipment is based around longevity and ease of access. If some of our AV installation samples look complicated, that’s because they can be. However, we take care of all of the technical details and ensure that the end-user experience is intuitive. We can provide training on all of the AV equipment that we install. Everything you see in our AV installation samples has been professionally designed, installed, and our valued clients have received in-depth training after the installation to ensure that they get the maximum possible value from the solution.

You can join our growing list of satisfied families and businesses in Raleigh with an AV system of your own, whether you need it for home entertainment or commercial purposes.

Our AV installation samples showcase the outstanding work that we do in Raleigh and the nearby areas. If you like what you see, or if you have a unique project in mind, we’re ready to deliver a service that suits your needs and budget.

Enjoy the professional approach that only the leading AV company in North Carolina can provide. We’re ready to get started. Contact us now and begin the consultation process today.

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