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How Do I Get Customized TV Wall Mounting Near Me?

How Do I Get Customized TV Wall Mounting Near Me?

The innovations in flatscreen TVs have made home entertainment more immersive than ever. Picture and audio quality have advanced rapidly in a short time. You can enjoy a cinema-quality experience from the comfort of your home. But there are other benefits when you find help for “TV wall mounting near me.” Wall mounting is more aesthetic, more convenient, and can save space.

Best of all, you can customize the entire setup. Choose a reliable residential audio video installation company, and you could turn your home into a multimedia powerhouse.

Just Push Play is the company to call when you want “TV wall mounting near me.” Here’s what we do and how it will change how you experience home entertainment.

Residential Audio Video Installation to Suit Your Needs

Choose the right company for “TV wall mounting near me” and you’ll have customization options for home entertainment.

Every family is unique. Your AV needs could differ significantly from your neighbors. Our team understands this. We take the time to understand your unique needs and create solutions to suit them. Getting professionals for “TV wall mounting near me” is only the first step. We’ll take care of all the AV, surveillance, and automation equipment in your home.

A detailed consultation is vital for a residential audio video installation that suits you. Start today with Just Push Play and enjoy the in-depth planning and project management we offer.

Soundbars and Home Audio in Raleigh

Dedicated home theater systems with multi-speaker setups make sense in a theater, den, gaming room, or other dedicated space. In other scenarios, soundbars are a superb option for home audio in Raleigh.

These speakers take up less space and offer incredible sound. You can get rich virtual surround with Dolby Atmos soundbars and similar innovative products.

We can wall mount soundbars with hidden cables to streamline your home and keep everything closely integrated with a wall mounted TV. Streamline your space without compromising home audio in Raleigh. Talk to our team today.

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Ceiling Hanging TV Articulating Mount in Raleigh

Consider a ceiling TV articulating Mount in Raleigh for the most versatile residential audio-video installation. We install specialized ceiling mounts that tilt, swivel, and extend up and down.

These are most common in commercial applications but are excellent for some unique residential cases.

  • Just Push Play can install an outdoor entertainment system for your covered patio, pool area, or any semi-enclosed outdoor space. A ceiling-hanging TV articulating Mount in Raleigh is ideal for these scenarios. It keeps the screen out of the way from being knocked and bumped.
  • We can combine a hanging TV with outdoor home audio in Raleigh. Weatherproof speaker systems allow you to enjoy crystal-clear sound outdoors.
  • We can even integrate it all into a whole-home audio solution. This lets music or any other source follow you through every room and outside.

Working with an expert residential audio-video installation team means access to solutions you might not have thought possible. Choose the most experienced home AV professionals at Just Push Play.

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Could I Do It All Myself with a TV Wall Mounting Kit?

You’ll find that TV wall mounting kits are easy to get. Some manufacturers even include kits with their TVs. While it might seem like a simple job to hang a TV, hidden complexity and unexpected challenges could catch you out. Getting something wrong could mean damaging your TV and your wall.

The AV professionals at Just Push Play have the training and experience to ensure safe and durable mounting for your TV.

  • We use professional equipment and techniques. We’ve installed TVs and screens of all sizes in homes and businesses throughout Raleigh and the surrounding area.
  • We have solutions for unique scenarios, such as when you don’t have any studs/framing in your ideal wall.
  • We install fully articulating TV mounts that give you more versatility than you’ll find in most consumer-focused TV wall mounting kit
  • We stand behind our work. You’ll have confidence knowing everything is done to the highest professional standards.

You’ve invested in a beautiful TV. It’s worth making sure that it’s mounted right. Talk to Just Push Play whenever you are looking for local AV experts.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Matthew is a true professional with an eye for detail. His lead tech is very knowledgeable and able to offer the best ideas for getting things done correctly.

Marc Talarico

We had a very large project which included 9 TVs installed in various ways, home theater projector, automated blinds, nest thermostats with home automation and audio throughout the house. This job was complicated and challenging to get everything like we wanted and Matthew and his team delivered! And anytime I have a question, Just Push Play’s team is always available to help. They certainly did not disappear after the sale. Thank you Matthew!

Garner Appliance & Mattress

You tell these guys your vision, and they make it happen. Absolutely ready, willing and able to turnkey a solution you have in mind. AND (and this is very important) committed to customer satisfaction – will come out after the fact if/as necessary to get it absolutely right.

Tim Trost

I have worked with Matthew on two different commercial jobs over the past two years. He is a master of his trade and the cost is very reasonable for the very high quality of work you receive. He is professional, courteous and extremely thorough. I will be using Just Push Play again the summer for another commercial job.

Review from Houzz

When utilizing a sub-contractor I can only use a company who meets all of our stringent service and installation criteria. We have experienced exceptional service and the utmost professionalism with Just Push Play Media Group since 2004. You would be hard pressed to find another installation company other than our own team of technicians, to not just complete a better installation, but to also provide seamless customer representation while representing our company.

Bob LaPlume

I wanted to express how impressed I am with the outstanding quality of the work that was done for me by your team. Matt and Jeremy took what I thought was a very difficult task and made it look easy. I am extremely happy with the very professional attitude displayed by your team of installers. I highly recommend your services to others! Thank you!

Steve Jones

Can I Get an Estimate for TV Wall Mounting Near Me?

Our estimates are free. Talk to us today to learn about custom home AV solutions. We’re the team that discerning families choose when searching for “TV wall mounting near me.” Everything we do focuses on delivering quality and long-term value. Most importantly, we ensure your home entertainment options are exciting, easy to use, and breathtaking to see and hear. Start today and see why Just Push Play is the best AV installer in Raleigh, NC.

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