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Limitless Entertainment with a Home Theater Installation in Durham

Limitless Entertainment with a Home Theater Installation in Durham

A personal home theater gives you unparalleled enjoyment and relaxation without visiting a crowded theater ever again. Just Push Play offers the most reliable home theater installation in Durham, covering all of your AV needs with an efficient service built around your needs.

From sound bar installation to TV mounting services and home theater integration, we’ll ensure that your home has the features and technology needed for cinema-quality entertainment any day of the week.

Trust the Expertise of a Residential Audio Video Installation Team

Just Push Play brings the best knowledge and equipment to every project. As an experienced residential audio video installation company, we have in-depth experience with the latest technologies that enhance your experience. We’ll optimize every aspect of your home theater installation in Durham to ensure maximum performance. From selecting the best equipment to our advanced installation techniques, you’ll be left with a seamless and hassle-free home theater solution that works whenever you want.

Customized Residential Audio Video Installation Solutions

An advantage of installing a home theater is the customization available. Any family can enjoy quality entertainment with modern television sets, but it takes a complete home theater installation in Durham to enjoy cinema-grade entertainment with maximum immersion.

  • We tailor every residential audio video installation to suit the available space. Each home is unique. Equipment like satellite speakers, subwoofers, and displays should fit the room and the homeowner’s desires. Our detailed consultations ensure we understand your expectations and design a system around them.
  • As a trusted residential audio video installation company, we maintain relationships with the biggest brands in home and commercial AV. We can source the right equipment to suit your requirements.
  • Your legacy equipment won’t be left behind. We can integrate most legacy devices like DVD players, VCRs, and even Laserdisc players. If it exists, there’s a solution for it. We also integrate specialist equipment like network storage devices.

Our detailed consultations ensure the final installation suits your needs with immersive home entertainment and the best audio and video. Ready to get started? Talk to Just Push Play about custom residential audio video installation today.

Safe and Secure TV Mounting Services

You might have concerns about transitioning to a more immersive home theater with a wall-mounted display. Will your TV be safe on the wall? Our expert TV mounting services ensure safety and security to protect your equipment and family.

We use the highest-quality mounting equipment for security on any wall surface. Our TV mounting services are available with adjustable and non-adjustable hardware.

We recommend booking our TV mounting service with an articulating mount for a more versatile home theater. It allows you to tilt and swivel your television easily.

Our TV mounting service can extend beyond your home theater. We can mount displays in bedrooms, other living spaces, or even in unique spaces like your garage or basement. Talk to us about your unique needs and we’ll customize our TV mounting service for you.

Is Sound Bar Installation Suitable for a Home Theater?

A traditional home theater uses a combination of satellite speakers, center speakers, and subwoofers for immersive surround sound. A soundbar can provide a surround effect through advanced digital signal processing and speaker design, but it won’t sound quite the same as a full speaker setup.

We will customize the solution to suit your needs and your budget. A modest home theater can integrate a soundbar installation and a single subwoofer for impressive audio.

We can also give you multiple options in a single installation. Combining a sound bar installation with a traditional surround setup gives you a convenient and low-power option (the sound bar) for casual viewing. You could then turn the complete surround experience on for movie events, when entertaining guests, and whenever you want more immersion.

Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll let you know what’s possible. Whether you want an affordable sound bar installation or a complete surround experience, the team at Just Push Play will make the most of your budget.

We highly recommend sound bar installation if you want better audio from other televisions mounted in your home. You can get a great audio and visual experience even without a complete home theater setup. Sound bar installation is ideal for bedrooms and secondary living spaces. Sound bars are wall-mountable to save space and improve the aesthetic of your home.

Talk to the Experts for Home Theater Installation in Durham

We serve customers throughout Durham and Raleigh, NC.

  • Customize a home theater installation in Durham based on your requirements and budget.
  • Have confidence in the highest quality workmanship.
  • Integrate your existing equipment with a new home theater.
  • Get outstanding acoustic and visual results with a team that understands audio video technology.

Just Push Play is ready to get started. Talk to us today and begin your consultation for a custom home theater installation in Durham.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Matthew is a true professional with an eye for detail. His lead tech is very knowledgeable and able to offer the best ideas for getting things done correctly.

Marc Talarico

We had a very large project which included 9 TVs installed in various ways, home theater projector, automated blinds, nest thermostats with home automation and audio throughout the house. This job was complicated and challenging to get everything like we wanted and Matthew and his team delivered! And anytime I have a question, Just Push Play’s team is always available to help. They certainly did not disappear after the sale. Thank you Matthew!

Garner Appliance & Mattress

You tell these guys your vision, and they make it happen. Absolutely ready, willing and able to turnkey a solution you have in mind. AND (and this is very important) committed to customer satisfaction – will come out after the fact if/as necessary to get it absolutely right.

Tim Trost

I have worked with Matthew on two different commercial jobs over the past two years. He is a master of his trade and the cost is very reasonable for the very high quality of work you receive. He is professional, courteous and extremely thorough. I will be using Just Push Play again the summer for another commercial job.

Review from Houzz

When utilizing a sub-contractor I can only use a company who meets all of our stringent service and installation criteria. We have experienced exceptional service and the utmost professionalism with Just Push Play Media Group since 2004. You would be hard pressed to find another installation company other than our own team of technicians, to not just complete a better installation, but to also provide seamless customer representation while representing our company.

Bob LaPlume

I wanted to express how impressed I am with the outstanding quality of the work that was done for me by your team. Matt and Jeremy took what I thought was a very difficult task and made it look easy. I am extremely happy with the very professional attitude displayed by your team of installers. I highly recommend your services to others! Thank you!

Steve Jones
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