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The Fine Print

Please note that in some circumstances the existing construction conditions may not allow for access adequate enough to hide wires or mount equipment in the location designated by the customer.

*Additional Labor Fees may apply when running cables through brick, block, or decorative stone, or outdoors w/ PVC method or when mounting to uneven decorative stone. Additional labor charges may apply for long cable runs. Your installer will advise you of any required additional fees prior to doing the extra work.

*Additional Equipment Costs for common items your home entertainment system may need include:

  • AC Outlet installed behind home theater TV / projector and or automated projection screen, subwoofer or other equipment.
  • Cables – RF / Composite / S-Video / VGA / RGB / Component / HDMI / Speaker Cable for Surround Sound.*
  • Cables come in all different lengths, quality, and custom made.*
  • Flat wall mount / Tilt wall mount / Articulating arm mount / Ceiling mount*
  • Mounts come in all different sizes, quality, and custom made.
  • Additional wall fishes for relocating a cable/satellite jack.

General Disclaimer

Our installation of the best home theater system assumes that all necessary services provided by owner or third parties (electrical service, cable TV service, etc.) are available, and in good working order, upon our arrival.

Our basic installation does not include electrical service wiring or receptacles.

Our installation does not include the removal, relocation, or reinstallation of existing obstacles including conduits, pipes, power, phone or cable lines, fire blocks, or similar items or conditions.

Our company is not responsible for patching, repairing, or painting any surfaces where our installers have made holes to run wire, cables, or mount equipment and encountered hidden conditions or obstructions that prevent the successful installation of these items.

While we have trained and educated our home movie theater installers to avoid common mistakes and to anticipate typical problems, we cannot train them to avoid unexpected or unknown conditions or to anticipate on-site problems in every situation.

Just Push Play is conveniently located just south of Raleigh in Garner, NC. We serve the greater Raleigh area including Garner, Clayton, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill.

Call on our team of expert installers to quote on the best home theater system for you today.

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